My name is Héctor Cuevas Cruz (@hecky) and i am a 22 years old information security enthusiastic and love DFIR, pentest. Linux, CTF and all infosec related stuff.  Currently i’m working as Forensic Analyst at Mexico City but, also i support e-crime, SOC and hacking teams.

Since 2009 Neobits.org has been my personal webpage where i write and share my infosec diaries. Neobits.org is always trying to explain things in detail, and in “the easy way”.

After i had been domain usurped by “Fabian Huerta” (the owner of the hosting company where i used to be) finally i recovered my Domain name, winning it at godaddy auctions (A bot from sedo.com was applying for it). Now i’m back, trying to share with infosec community.


P.S. From now i’ll be trying to write my posts in english, but please be patiente while reading me, maybe my syntax will make you cry. (In such case, please let me know my mistakes).


“Back in the game” =)